Dancing Grounds Summer Camp 2018

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Dancing Grounds Summer Camp 2018
June 4th – 29th, 2018


Monday-Fridays, 9a – 4p
(before-care and after-care for an additional fee; pre-paid at registration)

Dancing Grounds Summer (DGS) is a 4-week dance day camp where students will receive training in hip hop, ballet, African and modern dance in either the pre-professional or recreational track. Students will receive healthy lunch and snacks daily & each Wednesday take a field trip to NORDC Stallings Center for swimming. Camp concludes with a city-wide tour, performing at camps across the city!

Tuition: $400 for four weeks*
+$25 non-refundable registration fee
(includes camp shirt, water bottle, and healthy snacks + lunches daily)

*Need-based financial assistance is available for eligible families. See below for more information.


2018 Dancing Grounds Summer Directors

Camp Director: Randall Rosenberg; randall@dancingrounds.org
Assistant Director: Justine Ades; justine@dancingrounds.org

Randall and Justine been teaching dance to youth and adults across New Orleans since the inception of Dancing Grounds. Outside of Dancing Grounds Summer, both Randall and Justine are DG's resident dance instructors at Arise Academy and work closely with our Dancing Grounds Youth Company + Elite Feet Dance Krewe. 

Stay tuned for Dancing Grounds Summer 2018 teaching staff! 


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Dancing Grounds is a nonprofit organization that operates its youth programs on a sliding scale basis. In other words, we ask all families to pay what they can within their means. The real cost of Dancing Grounds Summer is $600 per child. That includes compensating our excellent education staff and teachers and covering essential program costs. The total tuition for the DG Summer 2018 year is $400 (payment plans are available with card on file required). We work tirelessly to raise additional funds to cover the full program cost per child and provide additional financial assistance to families that need it. 

Our financial aid program is a need-based and factors in household income, family size and the case-by-case situation of each family individually. We do not require the submission of any financial paperwork. We trust our families and rely on their honesty in communicating how much tuition they can afford to contribute to the program. Our general guidelines are as follows:

· 25% discount on tuition is awarded to families who have multiple children enrolled in DG programs or other paid extracurricular activities.
· 50% discount on tuition is awarded to single parent household or families with limited working capabilities.
· We occasionally award full scholarships, but we reserve these for families with disabled, unemployed, or elderly heads of the household and other extreme cases.

We have NEVER turned away a family due to lack of funds. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance if you need it! 

Dancing Grounds Summer is made possible with generous support from: 

The Pavy Deblois Foundation 

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