Willa Conway

Willa Conway comes from a lineage of fierce women – white settler colonial capitalists, writers, artists, addicts, mystics, truth tellers, humans who have harmed and been harmed. She works from the place of paradox and possibilities through her trauma-informed healing work at Shakti Rising and donor organizing through Resource Generation and Solidaire Network. In 2015, Willa helped lead the Resource Generation "It Starts Today Campaign" which raised over $1 million for Black Led organizing nationally and is a founding investor in Solidaire's Aligned Giving Strategy. 

Drawing from her experiences as a donor, organizer and healer, Willa founded the Weavers Fellowship in February 2017 to further commit and invest in Black organizing and artists in the U.S. Her upbringing in New Mexico and her time spent living in New Orleans impacts her investment in Southern communities across the U.S. which are often overlooked by philanthropy. 

Willa is driven by a belief in the relationship between individual and collective healing and a belief in the visible and invisible help that supports us to create magic, beauty, and freedom. Willa is a nerd and witch-in-training, a dancer, a record collector, a local flower thief and an aspiring geographer with a passion for jokes and jingles.