Due to copyright and music licensing laws, we strongly recommend* that your music fall into one of the four categories below:

1) A songs by an artist from Midcitizen Entertainment⁺:

  • Big Freedia - Y'all Get Back Now

  • Big Freedia - Rent (Clean Version)

  • Tank and the Bangas - Quick

  • Tank and the Bangas – Oh Heart        

  • Sweet Crude - Weather The Waves

  • Sweet Crude - Mon Esprit 

  • Maggie Koerner - He Calls Me Mama

  • Travers Geoffray - New Orleans

  • Naughty Professor - Without a Trace

⁺Midcitizen is sponsoring the Showdown by allowing us to use these songs from New Orleans-based artists for the competition.

2) A song that you have received permission to use directly from the artist.

3) Your original music.

4) Traditional music or music in the public domain, which is music recorded before 1923 (e.g. traditional West African drumming, classical music).

*NOTE: If you choose to use music that you do not have the rights to use and you become a semi-finalist, you will be at risk of being disqualified from the online “wild card” slot voting.

Can I edit or remix the music from Midcitizen Entertainment? 
You can change the speed or remix these songs, so long as a remix does not include other music or beats that you do not have permission to use.

Where can I find the songs from Midcitizen Entertainment
Most of the songs are available on Spotify and Youtube. Y'all Get Back Now by Big Freedia is only available on Youtube. Check it out:


What kind of format does my dance video have to be in?
Your video must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible:

·      30-60 seconds long
·      Single wide-frame shot (not close-ups or cuts) in a still camera position
·      1080p FULL HD quality (most smart phones have video of this quality)  
·      Uploaded to a Youtube or Vimeo account (of someone over 12 years old) with privacy setting UNLISTED OR  emailed to (Mp4 file or .mov file ). 

How do I upload a video to Youtube and whose account should it be under?

·      Log in to your youtube account or create one if you don’t have one.
·      Select “Upload Video.”
·      Select “Unlisted” from the dropdown menu of privacy settings.

If you are between the ages of 7-11, the video MUST be uploaded to your parent/guardian’s YouTube account with their help.