Your donations will help send a student to Dancing Grounds Summer!

$125 - sponsor a student for 1 week
$250 - sponsor a student for 2 weeks
$500 - sponsor a student for 4 weeks

Can’t sponsor a student? Contribute to our Healthy Food Zone!

$25 - 1 day of healthy snacks
$50 - 1 day of healthy lunches


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Check payable to Dancing Grounds:
3705 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA, 70117


Memberships cover 50% of program costs per student. 


Dancing Grounds is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in the state of Louisiana. We aim to diversify our revenue through a combination of private grants, public funding, individual donations, corporate sponsorships and earned revenue. By diversifying our revenue, we will achieve long-term financial sustainability and serve New Orleans youth and adults for years to come. Donate today! Your financial support will help us build transformative youth programs and other important artistic endeavors. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Current Funders and Sponsors:


Andrea Collier
Andrew and Barbara Bangser
Beatrice Harwood
Cathy Rakov
Claudia Wagner
David Harwod and Ellen Marshall
Dana & Maria Kaminstein
Degan and Aaron Leopold
Denise Hingle and James Webster
Denise Newman
Frankie Blackburn and Bill Traynor
Gary and Kathy Lavigne
Gerald and Lynn Stein
HRI Properties

Hilda Friedman
Jason Merritt
John Harwood
Johnathan and Meg Rhodes
Judith Kaminstein
Judy Kaminstein
Kelly and Jeff Haakenson
Ken and Ann Edwards
Laura Delano and Bob Celli
Marty and Dorothy Prager
Megan Reiss
Michelle Ramos
Mônica Gilliam
Nathaniel Johnson
Patricia DeMichele

Pavy Deblois Foundation
Penny and Richard Harwood
Peter Browne
Peter Delano
Rachel Stein
Sacha Feinman
Sarah Usdin
Satsuma Cafe
Selina E Kidd
Sneaky Pickle
The DeVille/Villere Family
Tracy Webb Widener
Victoria and Steve Lipoff

Past Funders and Sponsors: