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 Omari Dillard

On January 19, 1992, your favorite Capricorn was birthed into this world. Omari was raised in Los Angeles, CA majority of his life. Omari was always a part of the Arts, starting with music. He grew up playing the piano and was on the drumline in middle school. At the age of 15, he was introduced to dance. He would like to give a shout out to his “sensei” Robert Grant for showing him the ropes of popping and locking. When Robert graduated from the school attended, Omari did not know what to do from that point on. Thanks to YouTube and the movie RIZE, Omari discovered Krump and Clowning, both originated in Los Angeles, CA. Omari decided to intertwine his skills learned of popping and locking with Krump. Omari has been in the Clown and Krump movement for about 13 year’s altogether. Omari started his clowning career with Homeboy the Clown and the HB Dance Squad and is now currently with Rocco the Clown and the League of Clowns. He’s also a part of Demolition Crew, a crew that is well known in the Krump community nationally and internationally. Omari has brought his knowledge of these styles to Dancing Grounds in 2017 and is now teaching Hip Hop at Imani Dance Academy and Studio G, both located in New Orleans East. Omari loves to dance, whether it’s in church, in a studio, or on the street. If Omari hears a beat he loves, best believe his muscles will react unconsciously. Some of the money awarded tonight will go toward a book scholarship of his choosing and of course bills. Kids, please do not grow up too fast! Before he comes on the stage, Omari would like to say that KRUMP is a FREESTYLE. Any and everything can be intertwined with real buckness.