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Golden Hearts Dance Krewe

 Golden Hearts Dance Krewe is the official pro dance group at Passion Dance Center that performs and competes. These teens perform hip hop, jazz and buck dance. They are trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary by Passion Dance Center's accredited teaching staff. Director Tamika Jett, Head coach Dawne Moffett, and coaches Keah and Kel are leaders of the Golden Hearts. The Golden Hearts have performed on the BET 365 Black Awards and Essence Music Festival. They also danced on Lifetime reality show Bring It, & recently joined Lil Wayne in his Uproar halftime show for Monday night football. The Golden Hearts believe in the PDC motto, "Make Your Passion A Profession" and are dedicated to training in all genres to accomplish their dreams. They are passionate about dance because it is a way to express their emotions when words can't do them justice. They love furthering their dance education and would like to use the prize money to help with costs to attend their first dance convention as a group. Tonight's performance, the Golden Hearts call it "Just Stop Bullying!" Raising awareness through dance to end cyberbullying.